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DoD VV&A Documentation Tool

The DoD VV&A Documentation Tool (DVDT) addresses the need to capture Verification, Validation & Accreditation (VV&A) information in a consistent form with consistent content. The DVDT supports the various DoD- and Service-level Communities by producing standardized VV&A documentation and meeting net-centric architecture requirements for sharing, discovering, and retrieving VV&A information within the Global Information Grid (GIG) Enterprise. [1]

Website: DoD VV&A Documentation

The DVDT automates the standardized DoD VV&A documentation templates formalized in the DoD Standard Practice Documentation of (VV&A) for Models and Simulations (MIL-STD-3022). [1]

Automation of the templates saves producers time by expediting the VV&A documentation production process and ensuring standardization of content and format across DoD and the Military Departments. [1]

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Updated: 7/9/2018

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