Statistics Nov 15

Files: The number of files that have been requested (downloaded) from the AcqNotes server during the report period.

Hits: The total number of requests that were made to the site during the report period. Any request made to the AcqNotes web server is logged as a hit. The request can be for files, such as an HTML page, graphic image, audio file or CGI script, or for queries made by search engine spiders.

Pages (Page Views): The number of pages viewed during the report period.

Sites: The record of all unique IP addresses that made requests to the AcqNotes during the report period. The Internet is a network of computers that can share files with one another via a common protocol. Each computer on the network has a unique IP (Internet Protocol) address, which identifies that computer and differentiates it from other computers on the network. Each request made to the server comes from a unique IP address or site.

  • Note: The number of sites does not represent the number of individual users or individual computers accessing AcqNotes. Due to factors, such as multiple people working on the same network, it is impossible to determine a unique visitor total using only logs and HTTP protocol. Still, this number can be used as a close approximation.
  • Example: Private networks connecting to the Internet via a router use a single IP address (the router IP address) for security purposes, so one site can represent multiple users.

Visits (Also called Sessions): An attempt to measure the number of times visitors go to AcqNotes during the report period. As page requests are made to the AcqNotes web server from sites, the server records the IP address and the time which elapses between requests from that IP address. If the time between requests exceeds 30 minutes, our servers record a new visit for that site.

  • Example: Someone visits an AcqNotes page at 1:00 p.m. and then requests another page at 3:00 p.m. The server records two visits.
  • Note: Due to the limitation of the HTTP protocol and other factors, the number of visits should not be taken as absolutely accurate. Rather, it should be considered a very close estimate.
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