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Non-Materiel Solution

A non-materiel solution is a resolution to an identified need that doesn’t require a material solution or a system to be developed. The non-materiel solution can be developed from Doctrine, Organization, Training, Leadership and Education, Personnel, Facilities and Policy (DOTMLPF-P) analysis that is derived from a Functional Solutions Analysis (FSA) in the Capabilities Bases Assessment (CBA).

Examples of a nonmaterial solution include a change in rulemaking, operational procedures or concept, or an alternative use of existing assets or human resources.

Materiel Solution Definition
Correction of a deficiency, satisfaction of a capability gap, or incorporation of new technology that results in the development, acquisition, procurement, or fielding of a new item, including ships, tanks, self-propelled weapons, aircraft, etc., and related software, spares, repair parts, and support equipment, but excluding real property, installations, and utilities, necessary to equip, operate, maintain, and support military activities without disruption as to their application for administrative or combat purposes. In the case of Family of Systems (FoS) or System of Systems (SoS) approaches, an individual materiel solution may not fully satisfy a necessary capability gap on its own. [1]


  • A non-materiel solution is always preferred over a materiel solution.

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Updated: 7/12/2017

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