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Big Impact with Small Changes to Defense Acquisitions

October 1, 2017
by Dan Helfrich; September 29, 2017  A study in the New England Journal of Medicine revealed how a set of...
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Congress, Let Defense Innovators “Breathe Free”

September 16, 2017
The article below is written by Army Col Richard Hough, who is a senior strategic study fellow in the Army...
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Senate Ask Pentagon for List of Damage from Continuing Resolution

September 1, 2017
(The Hill) Senate Armed Services Committee leadership want fellow lawmakers to be very aware of the affects an incomplete fiscal...
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Top 10 Acquisition Trends of FY17

August 29, 2017
(Federal Times) As the final push for fiscal 2017 contract obligations comes to an end, it’s helpful to take a...
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Less Acquisition Reform: Focus On Fundamentals

August 22, 2017
(Breaking Defense) Once again, America faces the prospect of a budget showdown come September. Defense companies are getting ready for...
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When Amazon Meets Defense Acquisition

August 15, 2017
(Government Executive) Unanswered questions persist about a House provision to allow Pentagon buyers to use proprietary online sales platforms. Imagine...
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Light Attack Competition: Air Force, McCain Tout Acquisition Experiment

August 10, 2017
(Breaking Defense) HOLLOMAN AFB: It may be hard to believe but the future of the Air Force may depend on...
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Kim Jong-un Has Much To Teach Pentagon About Speed: Gen. Hyten

August 8, 2017
(Breaking Defense) HUNTSVILLE, ALA.: The morning the news broke that North Korea could tip its ICBMs with nuclear warheads, the US...
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