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Pentagon: Bureaucracy in Chief

January 31, 2018
(DOD Buzz, 30 Jan 18) The Senate Armed Services Committee approved by voice vote Tuesday, and sent to the floor...
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Dodging the Formal Acquisition Process

January 5, 2018
(POGO by Dan Grazier) When Army leaders decided they needed an upgraded version of the Abrams tank, they wanted to...
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FitzGerald to Reorganize DoD OSD (AT&L)

December 22, 2017
WASHINGTON — Undersecretary of Defense for Acquisition, Technology and Logistics Ellen M. Lord yesterday announced the appointment of Ben FitzGerald...
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OSD To Reduce Acquisition Times by 50%

December 10, 2017
WASHINGTON – The Pentagon’s top acquisition official plans to cut the time for early lead procurement by 50 percent, with...
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How the Air Force is doing Rapid Cyber Acquisition

November 9, 2017
(FIFTH DOMAIN) While many complain about how the slow pace of the current acquisition system cannot keep up with the...
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How the Air Force Plans to Make Space Acquisitions Faster

November 4, 2017
(Air Force Magazine) When it comes to space acquisition, the Air Force is moving into a new era in which...
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Defense Innovation Board Recommends Ways for DOD to Go Faster

October 25, 2017
(Air Force Magazine) The Defense Innovation Board held its second public meeting Tuesday and issued four new recommendations to help the Department...
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Air Force Presses Acquisition Changes; Incentives Offered On Combat Rescue Helo

October 18, 2017
(Breaking Defense; by Colin Clark) If Sikorsky reaches the next Combat Rescue Helicopter milestone early, the Air Force will reward...
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