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Defense Acquisitions Made Easy

Rapid / Adaptive Acquisitions

The Rapid Acquisition Process (RAP) provides quicker procurement for the development and fielding of highly successful competitive prototypes, experiments and demonstrations. It addresses the approach, assessment, validation, sourcing, resourcing, and fielding of operationally driven urgent needs. It supports the specific DoD goal of significantly shortening the acquisition response time and acquisition cycle times.

Adaptive Acquisition Framework Methods

Figure: DoD Instruction 5000.02 “Operations of the Adaptive Acquisition Framework”

Prototyping & Experiments
Contract Methods

Below is a list of contract methods that can be used to perform Rapid Acquisitions:

Method Acquisition Authority Decision Authority
Procure Defense Services DODI 5000.74 SAE or Designee
Weapons System Procurement DODI 5000.02 MDA
Section 803 MDA equivalent to ACAT Level
Section 805 MDA equivalent to ACAT Level
Rapid Middle Tier Prototyping Section 804 – Rapid Prototyping MDA equivalent to ACAT Level
Section 804 – Rapid Fielding MDA equivalent to ACAT Level
Section 806 – Weapon Component Prototyping or Technology Selected by SAE after oversight Board Reviews
Early Prototyping DODI 3201.01
Rapid Experiments 10 USC 2373
MDA: Milestone Decision Authority; ACAT: Acquisition Category; SAE: Service Acquisition Executive


Rapid Organizations

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Updated: 4/7/2020