AcqNotes provides “Professional Services” companies a platform to advertise their products and services to the entire Aerospace Community. Advertising on AcqNotes can give a company the opportunity to increase name recognition and awareness by being seen by their customer base. A customer bases that ranges from Department of Defense (DoD) personnel, government personnel, other government agencies, aerospace contractors and even Defense Acquisition University (DAU) students. The information that AcqNotes provides valuable information to the Aerospace community which increases viewership for our advertisers.

Why Advertise with AcqNotes? Because AcqNotes is Where Your Customers Are

Advertising Benefits

There are very few advertising sources for small aerospace companies. The majority of their advertising is done thru word of mouth and magazines. This is a costly and timely method to advertise. AcqNotes provides advantages that can’t be match by any other source of advertising. These benefits include:

  • Increase Name Recognition in the Industry
  • Average 10k Ad Views a Month
  • Targeted DoD Aerospace Customer Base
  • Best Value (see Online Ad Rate Comparison)
  • Potential Customers
  • Wider Audience

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Current Statistics

Website Audience
AcqNotes target audience is the Aerospace Industry, particularly DoD acquisition personnel. An audience base that ranges from DoD personnel, aerospace contractors, college students and other government agencies.  This target audience provides a good foundation for small businesses to advertise to. The table below represents the top 10 locations that access AcqNotes on a monthly basis. These locations coincide with major DoD and aerospace locations.

Top Ten Cities for
Page Views1Washington DC6Bethesda2Arlington7Ft Belvoir3Huntsville8San Diego4Norfolk9Stafford5Fairborn10Dunn Loring

Pricing Structure
Below is the pricing structire for AcqNotes based upon $50 monthly advertising rate. The Minimum Ad Views a month is 5000 with a curent average of 10,000.

Months Price
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