Schedule Development
- Overview: Schedule Development
- Schedule Preparation
- Critical Path / Critical Path Method
- Critical Path Lenth Index (CPLI)
- PERT Analysis
- Scheduling Guide Program Managers
- Activity Definition
- Activity Duration Estimating
- Activity Sequencing
- Critical Chain Method
- Critical Path / Critical Path Method
- Critical Path Lenth Index (CPLI)
- Gantt Chart
- Integrated Master Schedule (IMS)
- Line of Balance (LOB)
- Microsoft Project
- Milestone Chart
- Network Diagram
- PERT Analysis
- Precedence Diagram Method (PDM)
- Resource Leveling
- Schedule Compression
- Schedule Control
- Schedule Development
- Schedule Network Analysis
- Schedule Preparation
- Schedule Risk
- Scheduling Guide Program Managers
- To Complete Performance Index (TCPI)
- 'What-if' Scenario Analysis
Schedule Development
Schedule Compression

Schedule compression is a technique used in project management to shorten an already developed schedule. This might be done to meet an update delivery date, a new opportunity or schedule delay. It’s done without changing the scope of the program.  There are two techniques that are commonly used in schedule compression. These are:


Crashing assigns more resources to an activity to decrease the overall time to complete it. The cost benefits of this activity have to be explored in order to make it a useful technique.  The trade-off between cost and schedule must be understood to get the best possible schedule compression.    

Fast Tracking
Fast Tracking is the process of executing activities or phases that were originally schedule sequential in parallel. Activities can be overlapped, started earlier than proposed, start activities that require different resources, and maybe combined activities in the schedule. This process does add risk to the schedule and program and must be executed with care.        

- Make sure you weight the pro's and con's before crashing any schedule. There is always risks involved that need to be understood.

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