Systems Engineering
- Overview: Systems Engineering
- Overview: System Engineering Process
- Step 1: Requirements Analysis
- Step 2: System Analysis and Control
- Step 3: Functional Analysis Allocation
- Step 4: Design Synthesis
- Systems Engineering Activity Map
- Anti-Tamper (AT)
- Capability Development Document
- Capability Production Document (CPD)
- Concept of Operations (CONOPS)
- Configuration Baselines
- Configuration Management (CM)
- Functional Area Analysis (FAA)
- Functional Needs Analysis (FNA)
- Functional Solutions Analysis (FSA)
- Functional Architecture (FA)
- Initial Capabilities Document (ICD)
- Initial Technical Review (ITR)
- Interface Management
- Interfaces
- Measures of Effectiveness (MoE)
- Modeling and Simulation (M&S)
- Modular Open Systems Approach
- Open-Standards System Architecture
- Operational Requirements
- Operational Requirements Document
- Physical Architecture (PA)
- Process Inputs/Outputs/Loops
- Requirements Management 
- Software Planning in the SEP
- Standardization
- System Design Review (SDR)
- System Requirements Document (SRD)
- System Requirements Review (SRR)
- System Safety Engineering
- System Verification Review (SVR)
- System of Systems (SoS) Engineering
- Systems Engineering Activity Map
- Systems Engineering Management Plan (SEMP)
- Systems Engineering Plan (SEP)
- Systems Engineering Standards
- SE Technical Review (SETR) Process
- Technical Baseline
- Technical Performance Measurement
- Technical Reviews and Audits
- Trade Studies
- Validation and Verificatio (V&V)
- Verification Process
- Work Breakdown Structure (WBS)
Systems Engineering
Operational Requirements Document

An Operational Requirements Document (ORD) was replaced by the Capability Development Document (CDD).  The ORD described the overall requirements for one system, how it interacts with other systems, and a systems performance goals.  An ORD is generally more detailed than a Concept of Operations (CONOPS). Older programs will have an ORD.  

The Mission Needs Statement (MNS) was replaced by the Initial Capabilities Document (ICD).        


AcqLinks and References:
- MIL-STD-961 "Defense and Program-Unique Specifications Format and Content" - 1 Aug 2003

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