Financial Management
- Overview: Financial Management
- Budget Process Overview
- PPBE Process Overview
- Appropriation Categories
- Financial Management Laws
- DoD Instruction 7000.14-R
- 31 U.S.C. 1301 - Application
- Advance Payments (AP)
- Advanced Procurement/Funding
- Aircraft Procurement Appropriations
- Affordability
- Allocated Cost
- Ammunition Procurement
- Appropriation Categories
- Authorizations & Appropriations
- Budget Activity (BA)
- Budget Execution
- Budget Process Overview
- Budgeting Cycle
- Common Accounting Definitions
- Component Cost Position (CCP)
- Contract Finance Payments
- Contractor Cost Data Reporting (CCDR)
- Cost Analysis Requirements Description (CARD)
- Cost As an Independent Variable
- Cost Assessment & Prog Evaluation
- Cost Estimating Methods
- Cost and Software Data Reporting
- DD Form 250
- Defense Working Capital Funds
- Disposal Cost
- DoD Instruction 7000.14-R
- DoD Component Cost Estimate
- Expense/Investment Threshold
- Financial Management Laws
- Financial Management Questions
- Full Funding
- Funded Delivery Period
- Incremental Funding Policy
- Independent Cost Estimate (ICE)
- Investment Cost
- Life-Cycle Cost Estimate
- Line of Accounting (LOA)
- Manpower Estimate
- Military Interdepartmental Purchase Request (MIPR)
- Operating and Support Cost
- Operations & Maintenance Appropriations
- OSD Execution Benchmarks
- OSD Office of Cost Assessment
- Research & Development Appropriations
- Research & Development Cost
- Sources of DoD Budget Information
- Total Ownership Cost
- Types of Funds
Financial Management
Military Interdepartmental Purchase Request

The Military Interdepartmental Purchase Request (MIPR) is a method for transferring funds by one military organization to another to procure services, supplies, or equipment for the requiring service. The MIPR (DD Form 448) may be accepted on a direct citation or reimbursable basis and is defined in the Federal Acquisition Regulation (FAR) 253.208-2.

DD Form 448 - Military Interdepartmental Purchase Request (MIPR)

Top 10 Common Errors
When Submitting a MIPR Incorrect MIPRs significantly impact our ability to get funding on contract quickly; in order to avoid errors, please use the MIPR Checklist and reference the Sample MIPR.  The following are the en (10) most commonly noted errors:
  1. There is NO indication of whether the MIPR should be accepted CAT I (Reimbursable) or CAT II (Direct Cite).
  2. There are NO itemized dollar amounts (breakout) for the TAT and Customer Shared Direct Cost.
  3. An INCORRECT TAT number or NO TAT number present on the MIPR.
  4. The MIPR has NO BPN/DoDAAC/DUNS number present.
  5. The MIPR does not state the contract number.
  6. The Requesting Activity's line of accounting (LOA) is INCORRECT or INCOMPLETE.
  7. No Financial or Technical POC information present on MIPR.
  8. MIPR is not legible.
  9. Grand Total for the MIPR series is incorrect.
  10. MIPR is not signed, dated, or addressed to DTIC.



AcqLinks and References:
- DD Form 448 Military Interdepartmental Purchase Request
- Sample MIPR from DTIC
- Website: FAR 253.208-1 DD Form 448, "Military Interdepartmental Purchase Request"


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