Planning, Programming, Budget & Execution (PPBE) Process
- Overview: PPBE Process
- Overview: Financial Management
- (P) Planning
- (P) Programming
- (B) Budgeting
- (E) Execution
- PPBE Map - Flow Chart
- Appropriation Categories
- Budget Activity (BA)
- Budget Authority (BA)
- Budget Change Proposal (BCP)
- Budget Exhibits
- Color of Money
- Congress Authorization Committees
- Defense Acquisition Workforce
- Defense Planning Guidance (DPG)
- Enactment
- Future Year Defense Program (FYDP)
- Guidance for Development of Force
- Guidance for Employment of Force
- Impounded Resolution
- Inflation
- Joint Programming Guidance (JPG)
- Joint Urgent Operational Need (JUON)
- Major Budget Issue
- Major Force Program (MFP) 
- National Defense Budget (Green Book)
- National Defense Strategy (NDS)
- National Military Strategy (NMS)
- National Security Strategy (NSS)
- On Off Year
- Outlay
- PPBE Issues
- Program Budget Accounting System
- Pogram Budget Decision (PBD)
- Program Change Proposal (PCP)
- Program Element (PE)
- Program Decision Memorandum (PDM)
- Program Executive Officer (PEO)
- Program Management Office (PMO)
- Program Objective Memorandum (POM)
- Quadrennial Defense Review (QDR)
- RDT&E Programs Budget Exhibit
- Resource Management Decision (RMD)
- Strategic Planning Guidance (SPG)
- Test and Evaluation Funding
- Total Obligation Authority (TOA)
- Type of Funds
- Unit Cost Report (UCR)
PPBE Process
Program Objective Memorandum

A Program Objective Memorandum (POM) is a recommendation from the Services and Defense Agencies to the Secretary of Defense concerning how they plan to allocate resources for a program(s) to meet the Service Program Guidance (SPG) and Defense Planning Guidance (DPG). The POM covers the 5-year Future Year Defense Program (FYDP) and presents the Services and Defense Agencies proposal on how they will balance their allocation of available resources. The POM is submitted each August and includes an analysis of missions, objectives, alternative methods to accomplish objectives, and allocation of resources.

A programs initial POM is developed during the Materiel Solutions Analysis (MSA) Phase.  The Initial Technical Review (ITR) is a technical review conducted during the MSA Phase to support a program's initial POM submission.

POM Review
The POM is reviewed by program review teams comprising members from the military departments, Joint Chiefs of Staff (JCS), defense agencies, and OSD staff. The results of this review are presented to the Senior Level Review Group (SLRG) for discussion. In addition, the Joint Chiefs conduct a concurrent checks-and-balances review of POM, focusing on the balance and capabilities of the proposed forces levels. Both reviews are presented to the Secretary of Defense prior to his/her decisions in the Program Decision Memoranda (PDM).


PPBE Process

The POM cannot be disclosed outside of DoD and other Government Agencies directly involved in the defense planning and resource allocation process.


AcqLinks and Reference:
- Defense Acquisition Guidebook (DAG) - Chapter 1.2
- CJCSI 8501.01A "Chairman of the Joint Chief of Staff, Combatant Commanders, and Joint Staff Participation in the PPBE Process"

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