Joint Capabilities Integration & Development System (JCIDS) Process
- Overview: JCIDS Process
- Overview: Procurement Process
- Capabilities Based Assessment (CBA)
- Initial Capabilities Document (ICD)
- Capability Development Document
- Capability Production Document (CPD)
- Instruction: CJCSI 3170.01H
- Capabilities Based Assessment (CBA)
- Concept of Operations (CONOPS)
- DOTMLPF-P Analysis
- DOTMLPF-P Change Recommendation
- Force Protection KPP
- Functional Area Analysis (FAA)
- Functional Capabilities Board (FCB)
- Functional Configuration Audit (FCA) 
- Functional Needs Analysis (FNA)
- Functional Solutions Analysis (FSA)
- ICD or CDD Waiver Request
- Information Support Plan (ISP)
- Interoperability
- J8 Force Directorate
- JCIDS Gatekeeper
- JCIDS Process Flow Chart
- JCIDS Responsibilities
- JCIDS Studies Repository
- Joint Capability Tech Demonstration
- Joint Capabilities Board (JCB)
- Joint Capabilities Document (JCD)
- Joint Operations Concept (JOpsC)
- Joint Staff Responsibilities
- Joint Requirements Oversight Council
- Joint Requirements Prioritization
- Joint Urgent Operational Need (JUON)
- Key Interface Profiles
- Key Performance Parameters (KPP)
- Key System Attributes (KSA)
- Military Utility Assessment (MUA)
- Net-Ready KPP
- Non-Materiel Solution
- Post-Implementation Review (PIR)
- Post Independent Analysis
- Requirements Document Sequence
- Requirements Training & Certification
- Survivability Key Performance Parameter
- Sustainment KPP
- System Functional Review (SFR)
- System Requirements Review (SRR)
- System Threat Assessment
- System Verification Review (SVR)
- Systems Engineering Plan (SEP)
JCIDS Process
Functional Solutions Analysis

A Functional Solution Analysis (FSA) is the operationally based assessment of potential Doctrine, Organization, Training, Materiel, Leadership and Education, Personnel, and Facilities (DOTMLPF) approaches to solving (or mitigating) one or more of the capability gaps identified in the Functional Needs Analysis (FNA). It's contained in the Capabilities Based Assessment (CBA).

Functional Solutions Analysis

The current CJCSI 3170.01H does not reference an FSA.  It rolls it up under a Capabilities Based Assessment (CBA).  You have to view previous versions of the 3170 to get a description of a Functional Needs Analysis (FNA) and FSA.


AcqLinks and References::
- CJCS Instruction 3170.01H - Joint Capabilities Integration and Development System, 10 Jan 12
- CJCSI 3170.01C A-11 - 1 May 2007
- Functional Needs Analysis Checklist


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