Planning, Programming, Budget & Execution (PPBE) Process
- Overview: PPBE Process
- Overview: Financial Management
- (P) Planning
- (P) Programming
- (B) Budgeting
- (E) Execution
- PPBE Map - Flow Chart
- Appropriation Categories
- Budget Activity (BA)
- Budget Authority (BA)
- Budget Change Proposal (BCP)
- Budget Exhibits
- Color of Money
- Congress Authorization Committees
- Defense Acquisition Workforce
- Defense Planning Guidance (DPG)
- Enactment
- Future Year Defense Program (FYDP)
- Guidance for Development of Force
- Guidance for Employment of Force
- Impounded Resolution
- Inflation
- Joint Programming Guidance (JPG)
- Joint Urgent Operational Need (JUON)
- Major Budget Issue
- Major Force Program (MFP) 
- National Defense Budget (Green Book)
- National Defense Strategy (NDS)
- National Military Strategy (NMS)
- National Security Strategy (NSS)
- On Off Year
- Outlay
- PPBE Issues
- Program Budget Accounting System
- Pogram Budget Decision (PBD)
- Program Change Proposal (PCP)
- Program Element (PE)
- Program Decision Memorandum (PDM)
- Program Executive Officer (PEO)
- Program Management Office (PMO)
- Program Objective Memorandum (POM)
- Quadrennial Defense Review (QDR)
- RDT&E Programs Budget Exhibit
- Resource Management Decision (RMD)
- Strategic Planning Guidance (SPG)
- Test and Evaluation Funding
- Total Obligation Authority (TOA)
- Type of Funds
- Unit Cost Report (UCR)
PPBE Process
Color of Money  

The term "Color of Money" is uses in the DoD to refer to an Appropriation Category for an DoD financial account.  The type of account can range from Procurement, Research and Development (R&D), Operations and Maintenance (O&M) and others. Each category is considered to be a different color of money.

See Types of Funds and Appropriation Categories for more details on the individual accounts.  

AcqLinks and References:
Procedures and Schedule for FY 10-15 Integrated Program and Budget Review
DoD 7000.14-R Financial Management Regulation


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