Acquisition Process
- Overview: Acquisition Process
- Overview: Procurement Process
- Pre-Phase A:Materiel Solution Analysis
- Phase A: Technology Development
- Phase B: EMD
- Phase C: Production & Deployment
- Phase C: Operations & Support
- Aquisition Category (ACAT)
- Acquisition Decision Memorandum
- Acquisition Plan
- Acquisition Phases
- Acquisition Program Baseline (APB)
- Acquisition Strategy
- Alternative Materiel Solution (AMS)
- Alternative System Review (ASR)
- Analysis of Alternatives (AoA)
- Capabilty Production Document (CPD)
- Critical Design Review (CDR)
- Defense Acquisition Board (DAB)
- Defense Acquisition Executive Summary (DAES) Report
- Disposal and Demilitarization Phase
- DoD Directive 5000.01
- DoD Instruction 5000.02
- DoD Space Acquisitions System
- Evolutionary Acquisition
- Exit /Entrance Criteria
- Fight Readiness Review (FRR)
- Full-Operational Capability (FOC)
- Full-Rate Production Decision Review
- Initegrated Baseline Review (IBR)
- In-Service Review (ISR)
- Initial Operational Capability (IOC)
- Initial Operational Test & Evaluation
- Live-Fire Test & Evaluation (LFT&E)
- Low-Rate Initial Production (LRIP)
- Major Automated Information System
- Major Defense Acquisition Program
- Major Reviews
- Materiel Development Decision (MDD)
- Milestone A
- Milestone B
- Milestone C
- Milestone Requirements Matrix
- Milestone Decision Authority (MDA)
- Milestone Overview
- NSS 03-01 - Space Regulation
- Operational Test Readiness Review
- Production & Deployment Phase
- Performance-Based Acquisitions
- Production Readiness Review (PRR)
- Preliminary Design Review (PDR)
- Selected Acquisition Report (SAR)
- System Functional Review (SFR)
- System Verification Review (SVR)
- Technology Development Strategy
- Test Readiness Review (TRR)
- Technology Readiness Assessment
Acquisition Process
Acquisition Program Baseline

The Acquisition Program Baseline (APB) is developed by the Program Manager (PM) before the initiation of a program for all Acquisition Category (ACAT) programs and depicts the current condition of a program. The plan states the threshold and objective values for the cost, schedule and performance requirements for a program. The performance requirements are listed as Key Performance Parameters (KPP) and Key System Attributes (KSA) and are linked to the program goals. These KPP’s and KSA’s are developed by the program sponsors (user) and are located in the Capabilities Design Document (CDD) or Capabilities Production Document (CPD) and also documented in the Technical Baseline. The Milestone Decision Authority (MDA) is the approval authority for the APB.

Template: Acquisition Program Baseline

The APB allows the Program Manager (PM) to track program goals against a formal baseline. This tracking will alert the PM to any potential problems that might arise and to perform corrective actions to keep a program within its goals. An APB is required for each Increment and Block for a Major Defense Acquisition Program (MDAP) or Major Acquisition Information System (MAIS) program. Any deviations from an approved APB have to be documented in an Program Deviation Report (PDR).

The content of an APB include:

A separate APB is required for each increment of an MDAP or MAIS program, and each sub-program of an MDAP. Increments can be used to plan concurrent or sequential efforts to deliver capability more quickly and in line with the technological maturity of each increment. (When an MDAP requires the delivery of two or more categories of end items that differ significantly in form and function, subprograms may be established.) [1]

The Program Sponsor and PM shall ensure content includes Sustainment KPP/KSAs parameters, measurement metrics, and all programmatic direction affecting life-cycle support strategy planning and execution.

- The Program Manager is responsible for managing the trade space between program goals within the bounds of cost, schedule and performance.

AcqLinks and References:
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DoD Instruction 5000.02 "Operation of the Defense Acquisition System" - 26 Nov 2013
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- Template: DFAS Acquisition Program Baseline Template
- Template: Acquisition Program Baseline Template
- Website: 10 USC 2435 "Baseline Description"
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