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Acquisition Updates

US Senate Report: Defense Acquisition Reform
2 Oct 2014

Manual: Joint Services Weapon Safety Review Process
30 July 2014

Report: Performance of Defense Acquisition System
13 June 2014

Released: Performance Based Logistics (PBL) Guidebook
27 May 2014

GAO Report: Early Acquisition Competition Needed
May 2014

Update: Army Pamphlet 70-3 Acquisitions
11 March 14

Release: 2014 Quadrennial Defense Review
4 March 2014

BAA: Research Interests of the Air Force Office of Scientific Research
26 Feb 2014

New: DoD Manual 4140.01 "DoD Supply Chain Materiel Management Procedures"
10 Feb 2014

Memo: 2014 DPAP IR&D Reporting Clarification of Requirements Document
3 Feb 2014

New: Unmanned Systems Integrated Roadmap 2013-2038
30 Dec 13

Update: DoDI 5000.02 “Defense Acquisition” (interim)
26 Nov 13

Update: Air Force Life Cycle Logistics Workforce Guidebook
23 Oct 13

Update: NAVAIR Acquisition Guide
1 Oct 2013

New: HSI and ESOH Handbook for Pre MS A JCIDS and AoA Activities
14 October 13

New: Guide PESHE in the Systems Engineering Plan
14 October 13

DAG Update: Chapter 7 -- Acquiring Information Technology, Including National Security Systems
16 September 2013

Space Report: AFSPC Resiliency and Disaggregated Space Architectures
23 August 2013

DAG News: Chapter 3 Affordability and Life-Cycle Resources Estimates Revised
26 June 2013

DoD Report: Performance of the Defense Acquisition System 2013 Annual Report
28 June 2013

DoD News: Department of Defense Report on the Joint Committee Sequestration for FY 2013
July 2013

Update: Joint Publication 3-14 “Space Operations”
29 May 2013

Update:Defense Acquisition Guidebook (DAG) Chapter 4 Systems Engineering
8 May 2013

DoD News: Top Acquisition Official Unveils ‘Better Buying Power 2.0
24 April 2013

New: Air Force Instruction (AFI) 63-101/20-101 Integrated Life Cycle Management
7 March 2013

Update: DoD Directive 7045.14 The Planning, Programming, Budgeting, and Execution (PPBE) Process
25 Jan 2013

Update: DoD Test and Evaluation Management Guide
1 Dec 2012

Navy Times: Fiscal Cliff Avoided, but Sequestration Still Looms
1 Jan 2013

Defense News: Fiscal Cliff & Sequestration Draws Closer
26 Dec 12

Defense News: DoD Acquisition Reform Pushing Change in People
26 Nov 12

Update: Defense Acquisition Guidebook (DAG)
1 Nov 12

DAU News: 2012 Defense Manufacturing Management Guide
5 Oct 12

OMB News: Industry seeks tweaks to DoD Better Buying Power
5 Oct 12

DoD New: DOD organizations launch inaugural Joint Science and Technology Institute
22 Aug 12

Guide Update: SD-22 DoD Diminishing Manufacturing Sources and Material Shortages Guidebook
06 Aug 2012

T&E News: New T&E Guide launched; “Incorporating Test and Evaluation into Department of Defense Acquisition Contracts
11 June 12

DoD News: Budget Priorities for 21st Century Defense: A Conversation with Deputy Secretary of Defense Ashton Carter.
30 May 2012

DoD News: The Senate has confirmed the nomination of Mrs. McFarland to become the Assistant Secretary of Defense for Acquisition.
Dated: 29 May 2012

DoD News: New Independent Research and Development DFARS Rules
Dated: 30 Jan 2012

DoD News: Joint Chiefs to Link New Strategy, Operational Capabilities
- Dated: 15 May 2012

OSD News: Published Open System Architecture (OSA) Contract Guidebook for Program Managers
- Dated: 15 Dec 2011

DAU News: The 2012 DoD Procurement Conference and Training Symposium has been postponed.
- Dated: 3 May 2012

AcqNotes Update: Review Main Overview
- Dated 14 May 2012


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